Daughter of the moon

When the sky turns gloomy please be my shooting star💫
If you were a cigarette I would wish that you stick in my chest forever like tar,
I have held objects on my arms but you were the most perfect,
Everyday has a treat but no day will I forget that you deserve my respect,
Walls are built to shield but in our hearts I will build a bridge for our feelings to intertwine,
Your lips, so sweet like grapes in a glass full of wine,
If I was to be crucified today for this love please pray that I may resurrect on the third day,
For only you know how much your soul and mine are connected and that’s why on my chest you will forever lay,
If I was your Adam please don’t give me a reason to ask for my rib back,
Be my Eve and treat me like the fresh roses in a golden pack,
Just don’t hesitate to give me the evil fruit that was in the garden,
So that I can only be the prisoner and you the warden.

Nakupenda Sana Malkia Wangu

Mapenzi! Mapenzi! Mapenzi!
Ama kweli imenifanya mshenzi,
Nafsi yangu inanisuta,
Kwani kwenye penzi letu nimejenga kuta,
Ili maadui wasijetia doa,
Uwe wangu tufunge ndoa,
Nakupenda saana malkia wangu.

Wenye chuki wanakesha kutushusha,
Japo maulana yu pamoja nasi atatuvusha,
Pete nayo nitakuvisha,
Ili uwe wangu wa maisha,
Wala usihofu mpenzi, mambo yatakua shwari,
Penzi letu nitalitunza,ili siku zote tuepuke shari,
Nakupenda saana malkia wangu.

Kutwa nakesha nikikuwaza,
Ama kweli penzi lako laniliwaza,
Wewe ndiye wangu wa pekee,sitakuacha kwenye upweke,
Wala sitakuacha uteseke,
Ndio sababu nikikosea, kwako naomba shufaa,
Wewe ndiye wangu kipenzi, kwa dhiki unanifaa,
Nakupenda sana malkia wangu.

Siku zote nikutekenye kama mtoto,
Ili penzi letu lipambe moto,
Kamwe sitakutesa wala kukutenda,
Badala yake nitakudekeza na kukupenda,
Na wala sitakutoa moyoni,
Ili siku zote niiuimbe kama tenzi za rohoni,
Nakupenda saana malkia wangu.

Katika penzi letu nina imani,
Mwanzo mimi ndiye wako rubani,
Kamwe sitakukosesha furaha,
Daima nitajiepusha na yanayosababisha karaha,
Ndiyo sababu kila nikuonapo nakua na shauku,
Ila kimya kikijiri kati yetu unaniacha na alama ya duku duku!!
Nakupenda sana malkia wangu.

Penzi letu litafika mbali, wala usitie shaka,
Mimi nawe kamwe hatuachani,wenye wivu watachoka,
Milele tutaishi pamoja, mpaka kifo kitutenganishe,
Uwe wangu wa dhati, na penzi letu tulinogeshe,
Katika penzi tusijenge ufa,
Pete nayo nikuvishe,uwe wangu mpaka kufa,
Nakupenda sana malkia wangu.

Wewe ndiye wangu tabibu,
Nakuenzi kama zabibu,
Ili siku zote niwe wako habibu,
Nikupe penzi murwa tena kwa utaratibu,
Ama kweli namshukuru Mungu, matendo yake ni makuu,
Natumai mama atakupenda zaidi, atakapowaona wajukuu,
Nakupenda sana malkia wangu.

I have Lost Him

I have lost him, i have lost my happiness, yes I have lost and all I’m left with is pain,
Even though the tears I have shed are all in vain,
And no matter how hard I keep on hurting myself I still won’t gain,
But I can’t stay calm anymore for I am now in chains,
Chains of sorrow that has burnt my heart and is now running through my vains,
I lost my only hero Kobe Bryant,
His unbelievable shots, very brilliant,
The amazing moves are all gone,
I wish God couldn’t have thrown you into the throne,
But in our hearts you will forever be till the end,
For you are more than a legend,
And all you have left behind is scars of sorrow in our hearts,
I know it doesn’t concern you now that you are gone but it really hurts,
The darkness now takes over as the days turn gloomy,
Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant my homie.

The United Souls

Along the pavement they walked, her arms wrapped around him
Their movement, so gentle as if they followed a common rhythm
The whole crowd stared, they knew it was true love
Very strong their bond was, always close to each other whenever they move
The smile on their faces, was a sign of satisfaction
Deep down in their hearts, they felt the true connection
Love, to them was the only song they knew
Hatred, jealous and dishonesty, to them was something new
The sweet love, to them was their best scent
Never would they let go of each other even for a cent
They took the oath and agreed to start the new life together
Yes they did, it meant that the unity wasn’t going to be a bother
In their wedding gowns, they looked so great
A clear indication that they were blessed for a new start…The journey began.

Only man standing

The only man in the street, arms so masculine
Looking very strong and energetic, deep down through the spine
A man whose world as they say, is unshakable
His glance makes the blood of every woman boil, even the untouchable
His name, they have it painted on the street walls and in their hearts making him gain fame
Rumour has it that he is the king, he burns the streets like flame
Always the voice of the people, whenever he speaks they listen
Yes he is the only man standing, skin so smooth like linen
Known for his romance right from Africa to Rome
He is always the winner, without forgetting that losers go home
His touch and smile, so magical
The description of a real man, the thoughts very logical
Let us all keep our heads high, for he is the people’s choice
He who makes the streets go wild, praising him at the top of their voice
The true legend of tomorrow, a man of no world
He is liked by everyone, due to his mouth full of every well spoken word
Such a charming man that every woman would wish to have
But only the best will live to win his heart, a heart full of love.

African Queen

My mind is tempted to forget about you
But my heart just can’t let go of you
My legs are at times willing to walk away
But my muscles just can’t release the strength for that
My eyes once tries to look far off you
But my feelings just can’t beat your magnetism
My tongue always wants to detaste your saliva
But my lips just can’t denounce your sweetness
My nose wishes to abuse your scented perfume
But my neck just can’t turn away from you
Myself tries to believe I’m not the right one for you
But I just can’t leave you my African Queen❤❣💓💞.

Don’t wake me up

Right from her hips to her lips I could feel her beauty,
the gentle touch she gives me whenever her body and mine get intertwined,
Ooh! yeah what a feeling, I can feel it
Yes I can feel it even from a distance, darkest nights filled with broad lights
The curtain of love has dropped to the ground as she whispered sweet words in my ears, what an amazing voice!
Yes I could feel the love of my life knocking outside my door, fate must have brought her around, not by choice,
But I can’t open it for her because I’m stuck in my dreams and waking up will only make my sleep disappear making my light go off yet I need this dream, yes it’s just a dream, please don’t wake me up!